Sunday, January 19, 2014

A day with my daughter

Princess' first selfie, taken on the plane back
from Christmas, was the last picture taken
on my iPad before I lost it.
I just got back from vacation with my family in Utah. Most people are astounded at how verbal our 2.5 year old daughter is. She's not only verbal, Princess says some adorably cute things - though some of it you
may have to have been there for. I decided to write down just one day's worth while I was home. This was mid-December when I had been home for just a few days.

At breakfast we tried to figure out what fruit she wanted. Joy asked her if she wanted apricots.
"Yes. I will eat apricots. You like apricots, right, Daddy?" as if my liking apricots was an important factor in the decision.

After breakfast she announced, "I will put the milk away." She lifted the heavy jug and took it to the fridge. "Will you open the fridge?" I did. "Where does it go?" On the top. "On the top ... I did it! I put the milk away."

I forget the situation, but she was apparently very cute when she said "I crossed them out."

We could hear the children not playing together well. Before we came to them, Princess came to us: "[Superstar] is playing with the pink car and he won't let me play. That makes me mad and I don't 'preciate it."