Saturday, April 1, 2017

What JT wants for his birthday

JT turns 3 years old next week and we've been getting ready. We had a delightful little conversation with him over some pre-birthday ice cream. It all started when we let him know we had bought his birthday presents.

He asked what they were. We said we wouldn't tell him because they were a surprise.
Then he whispered in my ear, "You can tell me the surprise Daddy."

We wanted to encourage him to enjoy the surprise. I described how, when he opened his presents, he would say "Aaaaaaaaah!" from being happy. This confused him.

JT: "I say Aaaah?"
D: You will be happy and surprised. You won't be sad. You won't be angry. You won't be scared.
JT: "Scared? Daddy, you remember the dinosaur? He said Raaaaaaar!"
D: At the airport in Qatar? Yes, he was very scary, wasn't he?"
JT: "Yeah!"
D: Don't worry, JT. None of your presents are scary.
JT: My presents not scary? Awwww.

He drooped his shoulders and looked utterly depressed, like all the joy of his birthday had deflated!

That's our littlest - someone who loves being scared and then overcoming and embracing his fears.