Thursday, July 28, 2016

JT's phrases

John-Thomas discovered Cars 2. Oddly enough we don't have the original. I'm not entirely sure how that happened - we didn't buy either one and got two copies of Cars 2. Anyway, JT is a fan. Mater is his favorite toy at the moment.

So Joy asked me to confirm that our flight to South Africa would indeed have children's entertainment. I was able to not only confirm that it existed, but what the movies would be, and among them was Cars 1. Joy told JT.

Every half hour or so, he announces in his loudest possible little voice, "Cars on a PLANE! CARS! Plane!" He just can't wait.

Superstar and JT get along famously
We have him say his prayers in the morning and night. Initially he did a good job opening his prayer with "Dear ... Father ... Heaven." But he's confused these days. Every prayer begins "Dear Father Jesus." And he is determined that Father Jesus makes much more sense than Father Heaven. So, yeah, my son apparently believes in the Trinity.

At dinner tonight he proclaimed "Kiss my mouth!"

When Joy puts him to bed, they have a game. Joy asks "Who does Daddy love?" and sometimes he answers "Daddy loves you!" and sometimes he says "Daddy loves me!" Both, of course, are correct.

JT has also figured out how to say Superman and Spiderman. He just has trouble telling them apart....

Sunday, July 3, 2016

A hypothetical conversation: Nephi and Mrs. Nephi

Father Lehi died and his older sons, Laman and Lemuel, are (again) ticked that their youngest brother, Nephi, has taken the leadership. They are (again) trying to kill him, and in 2nd Nephi 5:5, the Lord warns Nephi to flee. Again. So I'm envisioning the following imaginary conversation between Nephi and his wife that takes place in between verse 5 and verse 6 when they actually leave town.

N: I don't know why, but it just seems so much harder to leave this time. I mean, we've both done this before. I even enjoyed it! It was a great adventure. We fled from Jerusalem. We wandered in the desert for eight years living in tents. We've done this before. We got the t-shirt. ... So why am I having these nightmares night after night about this trip - about when the bow broke or when we were hungry or tied to the mast... We survived those and grew from it, but this time it just seems so much harder to leave, even though I know I will enjoy it there.

MN: I know, right? Last time, we saw the hand of the Lord clearly. We knew exactly that leaving Jerusalem was what God wanted us to do. I ate sweet, raw meat for eight years while pregnant...

N: Without complaining about it once. It wasn't until we got to the land of Bountiful that you really let me know how hard it was for you.

MN: And I know this time it ought to be easier. We're wandering in a jungle, not a desert so there should be plenty of food everywhere. Granted, we have more kids now than we did then, but the kids are older this time, so that ought to make things easier.