Sunday, April 27, 2014

Oh yes, we have two other children

This was the first day I ever did my daughter's hair. Not that you can see the hairdo, but that isn't the point.

They love each other
They love their brother

The Sesame Street Word of the Day was sculpture. Princess and I practiced sculpting with marshmallows and toothpicks, peanut butter playdough, and other nefariously edible objects. We made some snowmen, faces, a Mario level, and a mess - not necessarily in that order. It entertained her for more than 90 minutes straight.

I let the kids take a picture for the very first time. They took pictures of the royal Sophia family.

Superstar made Easter eggs at school he is proud of.

But not nearly as proud as he is of all his missing teeth - 3 out and 2 more wiggly so far.

John-Thomas and family

More baby pictures

Because you can never have too many of your baby's pictures.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Which baby?

Several people have thought John-Thomas looks just like a miniature version of Superstar. I got wondering how easy it is to tell them apart. Here are some pictures of both of them. Can you guess which is which?

Superstar can get 3/4 right

It's really good to be home

Knowing we were expecting JT nine months ago, AUN very graciously allowed me to double up my classes this semester - teaching 4.5 to 6 hours weekly. I gave final exams at the end of March and left to return to the US April 1. It was the earliest I could make it, which was quite nerve wracking when Joy went in for her first "non-stress test" the Friday of my last final exam. The last time we had a non-stress test, Superstar was born! Thankfully, she passed that one and the next one Friday after I got home.

Welcoming our third child

Tuesday evening Joy was delivered of a baby boy, 19.5", 6 pounds 2. All our children have my blue eyes, much to my brown-eyed wife's surprise. Like Princess, he has some red in his hair.

It took us a while before we found his real name. At first we were going to call him John-Thomas. We decided against it eventually, but that frees up JT to be his pseudonym on the blog. So now we have Superstar, Princess, and John-Thomas.