Sunday, May 15, 2016

Who are these little people: "John-Thomas"

JT recently turned 2 and is figuring out how to talk. We have been very excited as he recently discovered 3-4 word sentences: "Daddy cut cheese" (literally), "We read about Jesus," "I want drink" and the like.

JT is the cutest, most adorable little person. His adoring smile greets us first thing each morning. He likes to "hug" and tonight when I hurt my wrist, he came right over, said "kiss," and fit word to deed. When he prays, he lists everyone in the house every time - and sometimes multiple times just because he enjoys saying our names. He sometimes lists our names when we're not praying, just to ask where everyone is. The flip-flop pitter patter of his feet running through the house is a delight. He's developed the most adorable little "pouty face" with a protruding bottom lip. I give his lip a beep, show him my protruding bottom lip, and sing "If you chance to meet a pout, do not let it staaaaay. Quickly turn it upside down and smile that pout away." He usually smiles broadly again right after.

Who are these little people? Princess

Princess is about to turn 5. She was the spotlight today in church. That meant she brought a bag filled with things that she loved for basically show and tell. (I helped.)

Princess loves the color pink. Her favorite toys are a pink dragon in a tutu ("Tutu") who protects her, a pink Pegasus ("Rainbow Pony"), a pink monkey, and her baby dolls ("Baby Jane", "Lavinia", and "Jane". PS Jane is a boy, but Baby Jane is a girl. They all wear pink.). She also likes to play with My Little Ponies, though they are not all pink.

Princess loves to watch TV shows. Her favorites rotate between Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Dora the Explorer, Super Why, Umizoomi, and Pinky Dinky Doo whenever Amazon brings it back. Blues Clues and Little Bear are making a comeback. She dresses up as a pirate and play at being Jake. She also plays hide and seek with passion.

She loves to be read to and every night when we tuck her in, she has her favorite pink plushes and at least 5 books to look through while she nods off. Her current favorite Sunday dress is pink with black lace Hello Kitties on it. She also likes flowery dresses. We think she is totally adorable in blue.

Who are these little people? Superstar

Superstar turned 8 and got baptized! As part of that, we got him a Kindle Fire to use to read his scriptures. He spent so many hours reading his scriptures every day we actually had to put a curfew on the device just so he could get some sleep! He read the Book of Mormon by himself. Today as he and I were having a discussion, he showed me his scriptures and I discovered that he was not only coloring the verses different colors based on themes, but had figured out how to footnote his scriptures and link them to different talks and articles so he can learn more about topics he doesn't understand well yet!

Superstar can do algebra in his head. I recently asked him to solve for x: x^2 - x = 0. He got both solutions in under 5 seconds flat (1 and 0).

Superstar still loves Mario, but which Mario is now much more variable. Most recently he and I have been playing Mario's baseball game, but we have also spent a fair amount of time on MarioParty 10, Mario 3D, Mario Maker, and the Mario chess set I got him for his birthday. He also plays Clue and Uno and loves it when he sees us playing Ticket to Ride or Dominion in the hopes he can join in.