Sunday, April 21, 2013

Princess tells her first joke

We enjoy reading Mo Willems' Elephant and Piggie books together as a family. One of our favorites is "Can I Play Too?" which includes this choice conversation:
Snake: You do not want to play with me?
Gerald (Elephant): No! We do want to play with you. But ... But...
Piggie: We are playing catch.
Gerald: With our arms.
Snake: So?
Piggie: You do not have arms?
Snake: I do not have arms!?! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!!!Snake: Hee-hee! Ha-ha! Hee-hee! I know I do not have arms! I am a snake.
Piggie: You are a funny snake.

Today we had a conversation during lunch. Of all the times we reminded Superstar to not correct his parents and his sister, this was one of them.

Joy: You are not the mommy.
Superstar: I am not the mommy.
Princess: I am not the mommy!?! Aaaaaaaaaaaaagh!!! 

We stared at her for a moment ... and remembered.

All: Hee-hee! Ha-ha!
Derrill: You are a funny snake.

Princess smiled with great pleasure.