Sunday, May 12, 2013

Nigeria in the Morning

Today I am thinking about what Nigeria sounds like to me in the morning. I hear birds chirping, guards talking and laughing. I hear roosters crowing. I heard that wonderful sound of the generator.
When we first moved here Margee was worried that we might not like our apartment because it was located so close to the generator. Granted it does make it hard to hear our children at night, but everyone in our family, even our one year old, is relieved to hear the generator when it peals, because of the hope that it will bring the electricity on again.
Then there is the awful sound of prayer by microphone (shouting) at 4 am. I am not awakened by it anymore, but our first few months it was really nerve racking. I don’t like it when I am awake either, but at least it isn’t as bad as waking up to it.
Another morning experience for me today was the hot sticky feeling of being just as wet after I toweled off as I did before.
I was also thinking about emotional independency and how I get to learn even more about it. Nigeria has been a diamond in the rough for me in learning how to be truly independent when before I cam here I only liked to think that I was. With this blessing has come an added closeness with my family that I cherish.
 - Joy