Tuesday, August 6, 2013

God Makes Noise!

Communication is a fascinating little creature.

Day 1:
Superstar sits at the breakfast table and tells us about his difficult night:
Last night I couldn't get to sleep all night. I was scared of the noise. But then I prayed to God and I wasn't scared anymore. I could sleep.
We were very happy with this recounting and talked about how God sends the Holy Ghost to calm our fears. Or we were happy until Princess said, "God makes noise. Hyrum scared of noise. I scared of noise. God makes noise!"

Oh no.

We tried to explain that God took the noise away. God made Superstar not afraid. Superstar agreed that he wasn't scared of the noise anymore. Princess was not convinced.

Day 2: "God makes noise!" Her continued attempts at listening comprehension failed.

Day 3: "God makes noise!" Okay, this has got to stop.
I explained that God did not make the noise. The air conditioner did. We showed her where the air conditioner was and told her it made noise to keep her happy and comfortable.

It worked. Mostly.

"Air conditioner makes noise! I scared air conditioner." Oh bother.

Day 4: "Air conditioner makes noise!" I tried to convince her that the air conditioner is her friend. She had nothing of it.

Day 5: "Air conditioner makes noise!" No success.

Day 6: "Air conditioner makes noise!"
In frustration I said, So do you! That gave her pause
Does Superstar make noise? "Yes"
Are you scared of Superstar? "Yes" [Oh bother! I'd better not ask if she's scared of me....]
Do you make noise? "No"
Yes you do. Are you scared of Princess? "Yes" [alright this is getting ridiculous. .. wait a sec. It really is!]
Princess, are you teasing me? [She thought about that for a second and smiled.] "Yes. I teasing."
Does Daddy make noise? "Yes"
Yes I do. Blah blah blah blah baaaaa! Are you scared of Daddy? "No :)"
Are you scared of Superstar? "No."
Are you scared of a box? "No."
The air conditioner is a box. That's all it is, a box.

I think I may have finally gotten through. We'll see what she says tomorrow. But now I'm ready for her.
"Air conditioner makes noise."
Are you teasing? "Yes"