Sunday, December 1, 2013

What we did this summer - Idaho

On Pioneer Day (July 24) we drove to Idaho. Our primary mission was for me to have an informal interview with the econ department chair at BYU-Idaho where I would have loved to get a job offer. I did get a formal interview later but as of this point the answer is not this year. It was very nice of the chair to make time for me.

Idaho is also where Joy's father (DeWayne Lazenby) and the grandfather I'm named (that would be Derrill One) after are from. After visiting Rexburg, we drove a couple hours to Albion where her father is buried. Albion, population 267. In case any others of Joy's family visit the gravesite, there are some pictures to help you find the plot below the fold.

The cemetery is next door to an emu farm, so that's a good clue.

We were surprised to find another relative there next to DeWayne. Joy's best guess is that DeWayne's adopted stepson, Michael, had a son, David Lazenby 1996-2011, and buried him next to DeWayne. We're not positive, though.

Joy sat next to the grave and told the kids some stories about her father and the happy times. We left him some flowers we picked up next to BYU-I.

We pulled in to Snowville afterwards but I already told you about that, so I'll spare you.

When you drive in through the gate there is only one path down the center. DeWayne is on the left hand side just right of center.

I am standing on that path. DeWayne is in the center of the picture. If you zoom in you can see the football next to him. He's in front of Vivian June Holmes.

In this picture I am standing by DeWayne looking away from the gate at the other end of the cemetery. Hopefully these pictures will help you triangulate his position.