Friday, April 11, 2014

Welcoming our third child

Tuesday evening Joy was delivered of a baby boy, 19.5", 6 pounds 2. All our children have my blue eyes, much to my brown-eyed wife's surprise. Like Princess, he has some red in his hair.

It took us a while before we found his real name. At first we were going to call him John-Thomas. We decided against it eventually, but that frees up JT to be his pseudonym on the blog. So now we have Superstar, Princess, and John-Thomas.

Tuesday we went in for a non-stress test, where they make sure the placenta is still working and the baby is in good condition. We had scheduled Friday for the delivery assuming we passed the non-stress tests Tue and Thur. We didn't pass.

His heart rate slowed down a few too many times. The doctor came in and told us he was coming out today; the only question was if it would be in three hours or one. He waited the full three, nice, patient boy that he is so far.

Six years ago when Superstar was born he thrust his fist out through the incision. Three years ago Princess poked her head out and cried. JT popped his head out, coughed a little, then quacked like a duck!

At least, that's what his "wwa! wwa!" cry sounded like to Joy.

Mother and son are doing very well. Joy is up and walking around.

My parents drove to town Tuesday, hoping to give us a few days before the birth to go on a date and to have plenty of time to get accustomed to the kids' schedules before they took over watching them. Instead they arrived at 2pm and ended up staying the night. Thanks!

Superstar is the only one in the family who gets to visit his brother. Princess had a high fever the day before. Pop and Grandma had a nasty bug the weekend before. None of them are allowed on the maternity floor. :(

Superstar is a very considerate brother. Yesterday he spoke softly, touched JT very gently, and told him a couple stories about life. He came back again today and vowed to come every day to visit his brother.