Sunday, May 15, 2016

Who are these little people? Superstar

Superstar turned 8 and got baptized! As part of that, we got him a Kindle Fire to use to read his scriptures. He spent so many hours reading his scriptures every day we actually had to put a curfew on the device just so he could get some sleep! He read the Book of Mormon by himself. Today as he and I were having a discussion, he showed me his scriptures and I discovered that he was not only coloring the verses different colors based on themes, but had figured out how to footnote his scriptures and link them to different talks and articles so he can learn more about topics he doesn't understand well yet!

Superstar can do algebra in his head. I recently asked him to solve for x: x^2 - x = 0. He got both solutions in under 5 seconds flat (1 and 0).

Superstar still loves Mario, but which Mario is now much more variable. Most recently he and I have been playing Mario's baseball game, but we have also spent a fair amount of time on MarioParty 10, Mario 3D, Mario Maker, and the Mario chess set I got him for his birthday. He also plays Clue and Uno and loves it when he sees us playing Ticket to Ride or Dominion in the hopes he can join in.

Superstar loves cub scouts. He is working on his Wolf badge. He sets an alarm to tell him every day when it would be time to go to scouts if only we were having scouts that day.

Superstar pays a lot of attention to the other kids in his class, particularly at sports. Every day he comes home to tell us what X or B or C or the other C or K did that day and which teams won or lost. He loves it when he can be friends with someone. He has invited friends over to the house - partly his doing and partly Joy's. She had the idea last year that she needed to throw a party every so often so we could get to know the other kids and their parents. Last October she put together a treasure hunt with a pot of gold pinata. Good times. He's had a few people over since thanks to her encouragement.

When we read The Velveteen Rabbit as a family, the kids decided they were each going to pick a stuffed toy to make real. Superstar picked the giant Mickey doll he got at his first Disneyland visit when he was 2.5. Back then, Mickey was bigger than him. Nowadays he uses Mickey as a pillow.

Superstar loves math most of all, but he also enjoys reading. He used to like biographies the most: mathematicians, presidents, scientists, and the occasional athlete. There's a non-fiction series called Roscoe Riley Rules he also grabs whenever he can (#1 - Never Glue Your Friends to Chairs). Most recently he has decided he likes "chapter books" the most. One of the things he most loves about reading is that he gets tested on it (wait for it), and the tests give him numbers (now it makes sense!). Every book has a difficulty level (more numbers) and he scores points for the combination of how well he does on the test with how difficult the book is, and he keeps a faithful track of his points.

After school each day Superstar has a snack, tells Joy a bit about his day, then runs outside to play with the basketball or soccer ball. After doing his homework he gets some time to play Mario Maker (or whatever else he wants, but it's been Mario Maker for a while).

He loves preparing Family Home Evening lessons once a month. He normally gets together a lesson, a movie, and a game based on the lesson.

For all his brilliance, Superstar is still a pretty silly guy who loves Goofball Island. He likes Star Wars and anything Princess or one of his parents happens to be doing at the time. He likes to sing and to wrestle with his dad. He loves sandwiches (cheese, cream cheese, or peanut butter jelly), Nutella, and ranch flavored dip. He recently discovered vegetable lasagna. He likes most chocolaty things.