Friday, December 2, 2016

Vortrekker needlework

Far more impressive to me than the view were the arts and crafts stored in the basement of the Vortrekker Monument. A fellow named Coetzer was commissioned to create a series of needlepoint tapestries in commemoration of the trek. They are beautiful! They are impressive! As a fellow needle-worker, I was really impressed.

Here are three of my favorites, with more below the fold.

I LOVED this.

This sculpture is made out of icing. It was made out of icing in 1984 and it is still here.

Toys for vortrekker children to play with.

Things I want to know:
Did Vortrekker children sing as they walked and walked?
Did little Vortrekker children gather berries for food and chips for wood?
Do I have to walk a thousand miles or more to be a Vortrekker?

Part painting, part stichery.