Saturday, March 18, 2017

Moana - the video game I want to see but won't get

I'm envisioning the Moana civilization building/resource management simulation. It takes place in the time of the ancestors... (wavy flashback lines)

STORY MODE: You start with a handful of villagers on a very small island. You learn how to harvest coconuts and fish. When your island runs out of resources, you learn the basics of wavefinding to discover a new island. You progress to larger and more complex islands (+pork, +chicken, +basket weaving, etc) and more interesting aquatic challenges until you settle on Motunui and win the game. The game switches back and forth between resource management and a wavefinding simulation.

THIS MODE NEEDS A GOOD NAME: You start with a handful of villagers on a very small island as in story mode, but this time you leave some people on the island when you send more people off to another island. You keep up trade and exploring as additional parts of the game until your people populate the surrounding islands. (You might call it Anno Domine mode or Westernization mode, but I don't think either of those would work)

SURVIVAL MODE A: You and a bunch of villagers start on a very large, volcanic island. Gradually the water level rises so your island shrinks. Every so often the volcano erupts, killing people and destroying buildings/roads. The darkness strikes at random, making part of the island uninhabitable. How long can your people survive?

SURVIVAL MODE B: This is much like story mode, but you have a time limit on each island and the darkness comes to claim each island, which is why you take everyone with you. The time limit seriously limits how much growth you can do between each island. (This was Superstar's idea)