Sunday, June 11, 2017

I blew it

The tire, that is.

About 10-15 miles outside of Plainview, TX on Friday, May 26, we paused for a potty break on the side of the road. As we rejoined traffic, I noticed the car was a little harder to control than I remembered it being. As we got up to freeway speeds (75 mph or so) the car was bouncing and bouncing as if we'd lost our shocks. I started slowing down and pulling over just as Joy suggested I might want to do just that.

I didn't have time to say, "That's exactly what I'm doing" when the tire went BANG.

We had just found the spare tire (hidden in an all-but-inaccessible place) when a good Samaritan drove up. He used to work for the call center that calls a tow truck to help stranded passengers and he knew a thing or two. He helped me finish getting the spare out and mounted, only to realize that the spare was kind of flat and appeared to have a tear in it as well.

So this friendly guy drove me to Plainview where WalMart didn't have a tire our size (though they could get it in by Tuesday...). Thankfully, a smaller tire store did have our size and we were soon heading back up the road to where my family waited patiently for me to repair the tire.

After he left, though, we discovered that leaving our emergency lights on for 2 hours had drained the car battery. So we called our Samaritan back to give us a jump. That was, thankfully, the last of our troubles for that trip. That tire made it to Utah and is still going strong, so I guess we got it on correctly.