Sunday, February 12, 2012

No one can make her laugh like the Prince

I'm trying to figure out which Muppet she reminds me of...

The other day, Prince and Princess got into a little game of up and down. Prince would hold her hands up, and then gently pull them down again. This stretched her to positions between reaching up to start staning and getting ready to crawl.

She loved it. She loves everything her brother does. No one can make her laugh like he can.

She sure looks up to her big brother.

Sometimes Prince is happy to have her attention. But if he is doing something else, he is very disturbed whenever she comes over and tries to grab him. It's almost comical how he flees to me during family time [from all the way over on the next couch cushion, mind] when she finishes her after-dinner snack and looks around for some fun.

During meals, she just looks over at him and smiles. Babbling, playing with food, being crazy, she's delighted by anything he says or does. 

Prince is keeping a diary of sorts where he makes a mark each day if he shared with someone. He doesn't have an easy time sharing his toys with his sister, but it's important to him.