Sunday, February 5, 2012

Prince: Eater of Mickeys

Joy says, it all started when Johnny from the bus reported that Prince wanted to eat his waffle.

I asked Prince last night if he wanted me to make him waffles, and that got us on a long conversation about waffles, pancakes, and their various shapes. He was quite decided about what shapes he wanted to eat. Once he learned about Mickey-shapes, though, all other interest evaporated. I can't make Mickey waffles, but I can do Mickey pancakes. He said he'd like some for dinner.

He ate four Mickey pancakes last night, two more (cold) with breakfast and three more (cold) for dinner tonight! Last night I said that four pancakes was enough for a boy of three. He counted a moment, then said, no, five is enough for a boy of three.

He enjoys biting off the ears and showing us that a "circle" is left, but he is quite unwilling to eat the leftover circle pancake. Only Mickey will do.

That night we also had a culinary success as the canned ham we fried (and fried and fried and fried and fried) turned into bacon. We have BACON! Mwahahahaha. Then tonight I made cornbread. It cost $2.50 for 1 cup of imported white corn flour.