Sunday, July 29, 2012

Trying to be a good daddy

Princess asked for a sip of my root beer. She is willing to eat or drink just about anything, so I gave her a sip. Conquered by carbonation, she would have staggered backward if she hadn't been locked in her high chair. Want some more?  "Done." Yeah, I'm a good daddy.
The next day she asked for a sip of my Coke.* Figuring this should be over as quick as her last experiment, I gave her a sip. Staggered again, I figured my work was 'done.' Not only did she ask for more with both hands out-stretched, she has taken to raiding the case of cola, pulling out a can, and bringing it to the nearest adult asking "Ookook?" Still a good daddy? Local mothers stare pointedly with raised eyebrows.


Joy and Prince spent most of the week together at a mother/son training camp. On the first day, one of the first things the camp director said to Prince in order to elicit conversation was, "I'm having something SUPER YUMMY for lunch today...."

Prince asked excitedly, "Is it pancakes?!"

Daddy paid attention. My Mickey pancakes at home must have been a success!

I told him on the way home that there was a restaurant where Pop used to take me for breakfast that specializes in ... pancakes. He had so far managed a personal best 3 days in a row without an accident. I suggested that, if he made it to 4 days in a row, we could go to IHOP**.

He was ecstatic. He started praying to be able to make it 4 days in a row.

Saturday we went to IHOP. Huzzah!

As soon as we were done, he asked what prize he would get for 5 days in a row. Uhoh.

(Only disclaimers below the fold.)

* - Yes, every soda I mention is both caffeine free and diet. So, no, I didn't expose my daughter to caffeine and, yes, I did just expose her to the dread chemical aspartame.

* - Also, no companies remunerate me for mentioning them.