Sunday, August 26, 2012

Food Surprise

I have been surprised to learn that I like eggs and potatoes better in Nigeria.

Another surprise to me was that when I baked a cake for Derrill I didn’t need to cook it twice as long and it cooked perfectly (wow, what happened while I was gone?). Before we left I was having to cook things twice as long and they were not raising right. I am also glad to find that our gas problem to our stove must be fixed or we would  not have had any to cook with when we got back. I am surprised not to find any bugs in my flour that I left behind.

And the best thing of all. Last night we got out our Magic Bullet for the first time to make banana ice cream for Derrill’s birthday and Derrill read in the instructions that the bullet will grind meat. What joyous words to the soul. We ground beef last year in a hand grinder, but it hurt my wrist so bad, that I have decided I will not use it again. So Derrill took over the task, but it still takes so long and  is such a mess with the blood all over. I have just been wishing that we had gotten an electric meat grinder and been thinking about it for the past 2 or 3 days. So when Derrill read that, I was ecstatic! The beef is so much nicer ground up and it is cheaper than the chicken.