Thursday, February 7, 2013

Cute kids say cute things

Princess has only called one thing "cute" - "cute ducky." She likes her cute ducky very much.

Tonight at dinner, Princess turned to Joy and said, "Cute. Cute."
Joy said, "What's cute?"
She answered, "Cute Daddy."

Awwwwwwww. Mommy graciously agreed.


Prince told Joy while getting ready for bed that, if I could beat Donkey Kong the first time, "I would be really impressed. I would want to get Daddy a prize."

Not knowing this, I came in to play Donkey Kong ... and beat him on the first try. Prince was very happy. He jumped up and down. Then he said, "You get a prize, Daddy."

Oh really? What is it?

"I don't know yet. But I'll find one."

Joy says he sounds just like my mother. True 'dat.


We recite a verse of scripture every morning until Prince and Joy have got it memorized. Princess has also been showing that she can memorize it. I haven't gotten a video yet because her willingness to recite is iffy. It's still really cute to hear her reciting Helaman 5:12: " 'member ... rock of ou' Deeme' ... dation! ... mighty wins ... wiwind ... no powa ova you ... d'ag you down ... misewy and endwess woe."


"Don't I look pretty, Daddy?"
Prince has started complimenting Joy. Out of the blue on Sunday, he told her she was pretty. We were very pleased.

On Monday he saw me wearing a Hawaiian shirt. He told me I was pretty. ... I agreed that my shirt was pretty.

Then he came out in his Nigerian outfit and declared that he was pretty. I agreed that he was handsome. When he then told Joy he was pretty, she got to be the one to try to explicitly teach him that girls are pretty and boys are handsome.


Princess loves to dance around with Prince. She holds out her hand and calls out, "Hand! Hand!" Then he gives her his hand and they dance in a circle.

When she's in time out, she spends a lot of time thinking about why she is there. (Hopefully, she'll teach Prince to do that too!) She meditates, "Cause I ... ran away. No. Cause I ... bit Mommy. Bit Mommy. Bit Mommy. Bit..." or whatever she decides it happened to be. She's not always right, as you might guess.