Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How... Hot... Is iiiiiit in February?

For Christmas, I bought myself some thermometers. Strange kid, I know. The thing is, I cannot find good data on what the weather is around here, let alone what it is expected to be. The BBC predicts thunderstorms and rain when there's not a cloud in the sky and the temperature prediction never varies.

So at my lunch break (or another afternoon break) I take a thermometer outside and set it down in the shade. Then I walk around and read for 15 minutes until the number stops changing and record the data, both objective and subjective, about the weather.

If anyone wants to know what the weather is like in Yola, I'm going to update this post for the month, then create a new post for a new month:

Day Time Temp Breeze Dust Subjective
30-Jan 1:25 91 cool some blue slightly warm
31-Jan 12:19 88 none thin haze slightly warm
1-Feb lukewarm
2-Feb 4:14 84 cool thick haze cool
3-Feb cool
4-Feb 1:38 99 warm no blue warm/hot and dry
5-Feb 12:15 97 slight warm some blue warm 
6-Feb 1:43 100 warm no blue warm/hot and dry
6-Feb 5:21 thin haze warm
7-Feb 9:45am unsafe cool
9-Feb 3:10 99 warm some blue 20% humidity
10-Feb 3:50 88 cool some blue cool
11-Feb 12:00 96 cool some blue warm/hot  
12-Feb 12:15 97 none cloudy blue warm
12-Feb 5:15 93 none
13-Feb 1:48 102 hot and dry
15-Feb 9:00am 84 cloudy blue cool
15-Feb 2:00 100 none cloudy blue hot  
16-Feb 10:45am 97 cool thick haze slightly warm

Some explanations below the fold
Dust - We are in the Hamatan stage, which means there is an enormous amount of dust everywhere. The dust cools things off, but also makes one thirsty and inclined to cough. This is a measure of how much dust:

  • Clear blue: no clouds or dust in the sky
  • Cloud blue: blue sky with clouds
  • Some blue: I can see some shades of blue behind the dust
  • No blue: The sky is a solid dusty grey, but there is no dust on the horizon.
  • Thin haze: The sky is a solid dusty grey and I can see a little dust at ground level not far from me.
  • Thick haze: The sky is a solid dusty grey, I can see thick dust at ground level, and I taste dust when I breathe even indoors.
  • Unsafe: The haze is so thick, natives are wearing doctors' masks or kerchiefs over their mouths.

Subjective - Some days I will undoubtedly forget to measure the temperature, so if I give a subjective measure of how warm I think it is daily, that will provide insight into a small range of temperatures it might have been.
  • Very hot
  • Hot
  • Warm/hot
  • Warm
  • Slightly warm
  • Lukewarm
  • Cool
It has been 16% humidity every day according to my device except one day when it was 20%. It's likely a bit drier than that but it won't go lower than 16%. We'll see. I know it goes higher because it's in the low to mid 30%s in my house.