Sunday, June 30, 2013

Historic Vacation - from the kids' perspective

Almost everyone
For the first time in over 10 years, all of Joy's siblings got together. We gathered for no particular reason other than the convenience of all being in Utah at the same time. We invited the kids to talk about their memories.

When we prompted them about each of the aunts and uncles, this is what they remembered, along with some help from Joy:

Princess: Uncle DeWayne have fun. I just played with him.
Joy: You did some dog pile and he threw you in the air.
Superstar: I remember about the trampoline. I jumped on the trampoline with him.

Superstar: I miss Uncle Dougie. We played Mario. Uncle Doug put the hose under the trampoline and water came out of the trampoline. And I sprayed them in the face!
Princess, on coming in the door at home: Where is Uncle Doug and Paris?
Joy: Doug made the biggest water fight.
DW: That's going to get its own post.

Princess: Aunt Fran didn't come back. I did lots of fun on the floor. I slept in a tent. I think so.
Superstar: We played Mario Chase and Mario Ghosty.
Joy: Now he wants a Wii-U. He talks about it like it costs $1-2.

(The kids didn't interact with Uncle Dustin much, so they came up with strange answers:)
Princess: I played all night with Dustin. Now they're gone.
Joy: I think she liked the chips at Uncle Dustin.
Superstar: I had 4 pieces of cake at Dustin's house.

Superstar: Christopher read books with me will we were gone from our house.
Princess: Christopher ran away (I think she is giving him the characteristics she would like to have)

Superstar: Abby played Mario Ghosties and Catching Mario Wii with me.
Princess: I did play with Abby, a toy.