Thursday, July 18, 2013

Superstar tells a story

Some random person on the
Internet had the same idea for
Halloween, I guess.
This other website has
a noteworthy shot of Luigi
with "baby-"Merida.
Superstar likes pretending to be Mario at school, and the school generally encourages it. He gets to play Mario with his classmates, and they get turns with their favorite things also. Sometimes the teacher is Bowser. 

Yesterday he drew a comic strip of Mario. Another boy drew an Indiana Jones comic. A girl drew Rapunzel. Then they decided to put the stories together. [spoiler alert] The crystal skull would defeat the witch and then Mario would climb up Rapunzel's hair.

We are pretty impressed with Superstar's school.

He has also been creating his own brand new stories. Here is the one he told us at breakfast today:

There's a family that didn't live by a playground. The sister just loved playgrounds. The playground was an hour drive [away]. When they went to the store they found a truck for her sister's birthday. When her sister had already turned 5, she had already got her present - the truck - and when the brother was playing with the truck, the sister played with the truck too. He accidentally broke it - Accidentally.
Do you know what popped out of the truck? It was a teeny toy playground that could fit inside the truck. One day while the brother was playing outside, he launched a teeny tiny rock and it hit the playground. It grew bigger until it was so big that someone could slide down the slide. Then the sister was really happy when he told her about the playground that he grew.
The End
Most of his stories tend to involve a family with two children, a boy and a girl. His first stories were very close to life - confessions of things he wanted to do but knew he shouldn't, so he just pretended. Lately they have been getting more imaginative and fanciful, as you see. "And he reminds us that they aren't about our family," Joy adds.

Last night he told us a story of a father who lied and said he had no children. The reason? There was a bad man who wanted to hurt his children and so he told the bad man he didn't have any children. Superstar emphasized over and over that the father did it because he really, really loves his children. We discussed the ethics of the situation and agreed that daddies should keep their children safe.