Friday, October 4, 2013

Like Father, Like Son: Cheesy Rice

Superstar's stomach has not been the happiest member of the Watson household in the last month. He's had more morning sickness lately that Joy has in all her pregnancies. In all our searching for solutions, Joy mentioned to him one day that when my stomach is upset, I really like to eat rice with melted cheese, "cheesy rice."

Superstar thought about that idea. He loves cheese. He likes rice. Maybe they might taste good together. Maybe. Could he try some please?

So Joy made him some cheesy rice. He loved it. He loved it so much it has become his favorite food in the world. He would eat cheesy rice every meal if he could. And it does seem to be helping his stomach a little.

I have often wondered if and when Superstar and I could share a favorite food. So far his eating patterns and mine have been so far apart it seemed hopeless. So for him to find a similar favorite food is a very pleasant thing for me. As I sit here eating my own cheesy rice (plus taco meat and salsa) while writing a macroeconomics midterm, I'm thankful and thinking of my far-distant son.