Sunday, October 27, 2013

What we did this summer: fireworks

One of the nice parts of living in Utah this summer was fireworks. These are two pictures from the first time we got them out on July 4.

Superstar was rather concerned about them at first and it took a lot of coaxing to get him to hold the sparkler. (Careful daddy is happy - this will keep him safe. Funloving daddy is sad - he was really missing out.)

Princess took her cue from Superstar. After trying out some sparklers and a few small-grade fountains during the day, the kids were clearly not up for more.

So Joy and I lit off most of them at night while they were in bed. Ha ha! See what happens when you don't enjoy the special treat we prepare for you.

By Pioneer Day (July 24), though, the kids were rather more interested and we did some more together. Even though we got back from Idaho very late at night, we let Superstar stay up to watch some more with some neighbors and we finished off our very large box.

Our favorites this year were clearly the roses - they spin rapidly and change between three colors. We bought several extra packs of those.

Tanks were the biggest losers overall - took a while to get their spitfire going, not much to see, and then it was all over. That is, except for once when I set up two tanks facing each other and one of them lit the other on fire. That was sweet.

We lit some off one night at Joy's sister's house. We thought we had a box full of quiet fireworks, but that night we had at least 5 really noisy ones we were certain would wake all the children. Thankfully they didn't. As a California boy who hadn't seen fireworks up close since he was 4, I was more than delighted to share this piece of Joy's childhood.

I spent the 2-3 weeks before the 4th and the three weeks before Pioneer day talking to the kids each day about some important person or event from our history. We'd watch YouTube videos about them: Ben and Me, Kermit the Frog interviewing Columbus and Washington, Schoolhouse Rock, the Seagull monument, Legacy, bunch of good stuff. Joy and I watched 1776. I really enjoyed that part of summer. It was nice.