Sunday, July 20, 2014

Pregnant with my 3rd child

First I have to say that this pregnancy was the easiest one so far and the only  I way I can explain it was that it was a miracle. Every difficulty that I usually have during a pregnancy (besides my varicose veins) was much less or nonexistent. I spent most of my first two pregnancies sleeping on the couch because of worse allergies during pregnancy, but I didn't have to sleep on the couch once for this pregnancy. I am usually very emotional and I hardly ever lost it for this pregnancy. A few times I broke down, but at least they were usually when I could skype with Derrill and didn't last more than an hour or 2 instead of days. I was also able to care for my two children alone without bitterness. I found a family member that could go with me to my doctor appointments. I was truly blessed.

We had some difficulty with getting pregnant this time, because apparently I wasn't ovulating. So I had seen an OB in American Fork for that purpose, but I didn't like his bed side manner, so I was looking for someone else to deliver my baby when I found out I was pregnant. We found out before Derrill had to leave for Nigeria in August 2013 but I hadn't chosen a doctor yet. My sweet Relief Society President suggested someone to me named Dr Woodmansee that I decided to try. I went to him a few times and then Derrill came home for Christmas.

Over Christmas, I talked to Derrill about and realized that I was not very happy with my doctor and that I needed to find another one. But I had tried that search in the last few months and didn't know what more I could try to find someone. So, I started praying about it and tried not to worry about it otherwise, because we were on vacation in California. One morning while we were there I woke up with a clean impression that I should call my old OB office and request a different doctor from that office. As I pondered this idea I was not at all comfortable with it, embarrassment wise. But was sure that I would be blessed if I followed the prompting. I called and scheduled an appointment with a Dr. Hasketts in American Fork. Derrill was able to go to that appointment with me and I just thought he was the greatest from the very beginning and didn't change my mind. He could even make a nervous pregnant mother like me laugh at almost every appointment.

So when we got three weeks till baby's due date my doctor requested that I get a non-stress tests for the baby to make sure he was not having undue stress in the womb. I was ok with that except for one thing: the first time I got a nonstress test (with Superstar) I was asked to stay at the hospital and have my baby that night. So really I was anxious. I would have been happy to have the baby at any time, but Derrill was not home from Nigeria yet and I really wanted the baby to wait. I believe the first nonstress test was to be on the Thursday before he came home and they wanted me to have one twice a week because of my age (not because anything had gone wrong already). [DW - I meanwhile was having my farewell party with my AUN colleagues, telling them how much we hoped we weren't having a baby during the party.]

That Thursday was a stressful one for me. I needed to have a place for my two other children to go in case the baby came, my in-laws said that they would rush out here a little sooner if need be, pack everything, because I hadn't gotten that prepared yet… And let Aunt Fran know that I might not be going to her house that weekend like we had planned if baby came early. I made it through that preparation, and had the test and the baby was just fine. whew

I believe I was able to hold off the next one until Derrill got home and I was just fine with the baby coming anytime after he got here. We had another nonstress test or two with no difficulties, because they started wanting me to come in every other day. My in-laws came the weekend of conference. I remember that they got here late April 7. The night before I had a really awesome night out with my sister Mari who was visiting for a short time from Boston, MA. Mari and I went out to dinner - best pot stickers ever - went on a walk, talked and talked and had a Cinnabon. It was an evening of sisterly love I will never forget. I love that girl. We also got our nails done. :D

The next day we got to see Pop and Grandma (my in-laws) and left the children with them for my next nonstress test. When we left we discussed with Derrill's parents where the children's things were and things they would need if this day was THE day. [DW - They assured us that it wouldn't be the day so we didn't need to go through all the details ... but we were nervous and just wanted to be on the safe side. They don't do these non-stress tests for nothin'!] As we went over things they made a comment about seeing us soon, but this test didn't go as smoothly as the others since we didn't get to come back from the hospital that night.


 - Joy