Sunday, July 6, 2014

When will we go to Texas?

When would we leave for Texas? Our home would be waiting for us June 1 and our currently lease agreement was up June 30. That gave us a month of leeway.  How soon could we get everything done?

Well, we wanted to pack our things, clean our house and go on an anniversary trip to Yellowstone National Park. We first plan was to send Derrill on June 1st & 2nd to look at the home,  and fulfill some other obligation we thought we had to the owners, go on our anniversary trip June 3-6, and then get our moving truck on June 11. That would give Derrill a day to drive up to California, a day to pack the truck, and a day to drive back,  Saturday we would pack the car in Utah with our other stuff and finish cleaning the house. Sunday we would rest and Monday June 16 we would start driving to Texas.

We found out that Derrill did not need to go the first week of June to the house, so that freed up a few days for more packing. We did go on anniversary trip June 3-6 since my sister Fran watched our two older children. It was wonderful and I will have to blog about that sometime too. But on the night before our Yellowstone trip was supposed to end we noticed that our infant who had been coughing for a few days had developed a fever. We decided to forgo our plans for the last day and rush home to get him to a doctor. We were very glad that we made that change of plans, because by morning his temperature was 103 degrees F.

We rushed (full day of driving) to get our children in Cache Valley and took all of the family straight to our doctor's appointment that I had made in the morning from the Grand Tetons where we were staying. We got there by about 4pm and the doctor said that any infant under 3 months and especially under 2 months had to go straight to the hospital with that kind of fever.

The first night, all corded up.
So the nursed marched us all over the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center where I and little JT stayed for a couple of days while they did tests on him and pumped him with antibiotics. The upshot of it all was that we decided to delay our move for a week. The infant was fine (though he had a virus) but while they were figuring it out we decided to postpone our move for a week.

Happy to know he's leaving Sunday.
So that had Derrill leaving June 18 for California with the rental truck and us packing our house, Jun 21 and us leaving for Texas Jun 23. Everything still happened on the same day of the week just a week later. The other interesting thing in the mix before we actually got on the road was that Derrill's grandma Straw died. The new time that he would be in California would be convenient to going to her funeral on the day he would be packing our belonging there in the truck. We had a baby grand piano that Derrill refurbished, my cedar chest made by my brother and a bunch of journal things and games at Derrill's parent's home in Santa Barbara.

The postponement of a week ended up being invaluable. We were nowhere near ready to leave our home on the day that we had wanted to be, but with the extra week things went much more smoothly. Derrill did an excellent job of getting our things from California, even though he was really exhausted when he returned which is to be expected.

The one reason that I had not wanted to leave on June 23 was because it was my daughter's birthday. We celebrated her birthday both on June 16th and July 3rd to compensate for the move on her 3rd birthday. The first day we bought a cake and ice cream, and she opened a couple of presents in the morning and in the afternoon it was back to packing. On July 3rd we were able to spend the day for just her. We decorated, had more presents, went swimming, and enjoyed her presents that day. Also as a special outing we let her and Superstar stay up to watch the big fireworks for the first time. They loved them. Maybe my next post should be about Princess's first celebration.

- Joy