Sunday, August 28, 2016

A post from Joy

They had cardboard cutouts from the 50s for pictures
at the activity
I think my favorite thing here in South Africa so far is getting to know people in the ward. We attended an activity at church the week after we got here. It was really fun with lots of food and I got to know lots of people. They were all friendly and there was a great spirit about them all. They had put a lot of effort into decorations and the primary party was a welcoming birthday party.

I also enjoyed the ice cream (gelato) we had for Derrill's birthday. The first we tried was a Kinderegg flavor and the second I chose a mix of chocolate, Oreo cookie, and black forest cherry. (We needed more ice cream to go with Derrill's cake we got for Derrill's birthday.)

I have been enjoying SkipBo lately (Pleasant reminds of playing with Heather and Micah in Ithaca) and I have read a few Regency romance novels by Regina Scott who is as good a writer as Georgette Heyer. I hope she writes more. I could have done those things in the US, though.

Another thing I love about South Africa is the vegetation. Trees in some areas like a tropical paradise. Thick, spiny leaves and some cacti (our little girl seeks those out) with sack-like birds nests that hang from the trees. It is nice to have maids again and not many things with us to take care of.