Wednesday, August 3, 2016

In Qatar

After a 15 hour flight, we have arrived in Qatar. No one slept more than 4-5 hours, but thanks to abundant tv, movies, and DS games, we and the passengers around us were relatively happy.

The Doha airport is nice. A friendly employee saw us shuffling forward and gave us a lift, entry to the first class screening area, and directions to the children's playground. While we had to pay $5 in Dallas for an unwieldy luggage cart we had to return, here in Qatar there are luggage carts and baby strollers by the dozens lined up for free use. When you are a family of five, they make a huge difference.

The first thing we saw past security were these larger-than-us animatronic dinosaurs. They said "Rawr!" They scared JT no end. They also had rather large plush animals, of which the gorilla was JT's favorite.

It's a busy, fully modern airport, and a good sight better looking than Heathrow. I'll reserve judgement until our NINE HOUR layover is over, but So far I'm glad we flew through Qatar Airways.