Sunday, November 27, 2016

Oh! The Gift Shops You'll Visit!

There's a lot of cool stuff we didn't buy. I'm pleased with how little of it we bought. We didn't buy the plush African dog. We didn't buy the recycled plastic beads. We didn't buy the bowls, the animal figurines, or the nature books in Afrikaans.

But we could not avoid all the stuff.

JT got a traditional rattle ($1, fell apart in the car on the way home). He later got a candy tank ($2, fell apart in the car before we left the safari). Everyone else's stuff was more expensive than his, but he got a little cheap something everywhere we went and was very happy.

Princess fell in love with a stuffed cheetah named Pretty. Superstar wanted a lion named Fuzzy.

Together, they combine their ecoplush powers to become ... pretty fuzzy.

Joy got a spoon whose handle comes from a springbok horn, a couple serving trays with elephants on them, and a napkin holder made of cast iron shaped into an owl. The napkin holder broke so it's now wall decorations.

I got clothes for birthday presents from myself (a hat, a purple bow tie, and new shoes when mine broke). I got some stuff at the Voortrekker monument you'll meet in a later post. But since we have now done the posts for Pretty and Fuzzy, it seemed a good time to mention them.