Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Important News

On June 23 we had a baby. I've been waiting to blog about this until Joy was available (aka conscious). The procedure went entirely according to plan. We got to enjoy about half an hour of Princess' company in the delivery room before they spirited her and me away from Mommy. She weighed 7 pounds, 3 oz and was somewhere between 19.5 and 20.9 inches long. Y'see, our post-hospital visit measured her at 20.9 and I have noted before the lax measurements that the nurses at the hospital take.

Mother and daughter are doing very well, nary a problem. "Nothing unusual anyway" says the mother who can't climb out of bed without pain. Princess eats, sleeps 20 hours a day, and makes the world's most adorable kitten sounds. She is quickly receiving the nickname of Kitten instead of Princess.

Prince loves his baby sister. He used a very clear genetive yesterday: "Mommy, you be careful with her. She's my little sister." This was because Mommy had not yet put socks on her feet and the Prince believes in socks. He is adorably soft - all he wants to do is kiss her. We are very happy about our little ones.

However, we had not expected their "honeymoon" to be over quite so soon. The first day back from the hospital, Prince was gently holding Princess in his lap, bestowing loving brotherly kisses on her forehead, when she stretched her legs. He said, "Mo-o-o-m! She's touching me!" I had never expected that would start quite so soon.

My parents are in town, taking care of Prince so we can get some packing done (and get a little better sleep). He is thrilled and delighted to have them (and their iPods!) here. His reward for good behavior is now the privilege of sleeping at their hotel instead of at home.

We leave to visit family in just 3 weeks. By then we have to finish packing, get Princess and Joy their shots, and finish getting ready for our big adventure in Nigeria. We're delighted that Princess has decided to join our family. We have waited a long time for her to come.

Joy adds: "I was concerned before she came that I would be appropriately happy for her to come and welcoming, but since she came that hasn't been a problem. I'm so glad she's here. I can't figure out how to do much else but take care of her and sleep, but it's really nice time."

Everyone is very complimentary about how lovely our baby looks. Joy thinks she looks like my mother. Friend Jon thinks she looks like Joy. I might be leaning toward her looking like Joy, but to me it's too early to tell.

We know she's very determined to have things her own way and that she likes foot massages and having her hair brushed. The thing she seems most determined about right now is not wanting to sit up. She throws herself sideways so she can lay down in ours arms.

 -- Derrill