Monday, July 11, 2011

Religious changes for Us: Part 2

My last post was more about what would be different for us. In this post I want to write about things that will be similar for us in Yola spiritually.

We are excited about the importance that Nigerian’s place on being spiritually minded. I read a blog from an America who  visited Yola for a summer semester and did an internship there. She wrote about how talking about religion is common and that they expect it to be important to you even though they do not require you to be a certain religion. I really look forward to that. It seems like a very welcoming atmosphere.

We have been told we can have our Sacrament meeting in our home and anyone who would like to participate will be welcome. We are planning for that change by studying the church hand book on how small areas of members adapt principles and policies of the church. We are bringing the church manuals that we have and have learned about others and have gotten them as well. Appears that the recommendation for a group meeting is for a Sacrament meeting and a general Sunday school meeting and that is all. So all of the meetings are together.

We will also be able to continue our personal study and strengthen our personal relationships with Christ. We will be able to read scriptures, pray, serve, and try to be like Jesus. On thing that I think will be nice when princess is a little bit old is to help with service projects that are put together by AUN. They also have a club at AUN and hopefully we will meet people there and find some who like to play board games like us or convert them to playing board games.

Derrill has already felt welcomed by the Mckee family who let him stay with them while he was visiting Nigeria. He already felt he was accepted by them and they took very good care of him. They gave him encouragement and offered sincere friendship :). We are already off to a good start!

I will really miss, as Derrill put it this weekend, having so many people that do the service in our church group that I don’t have to do. It is so nice in our church that all are called to serve in the organizing of meetings and activities so that no one is taxed too heavily, especially since all service in the church is volunteer and no one receives pay for it. All the responsibilities for talks and teaching class will be on our shoulders and it will take some getting used to. I am sure in later posts we will share how we work on adapting and what our schedule is or becomes in our worship services.