Saturday, October 1, 2011

First World Problems

At my work blog the number one search lately has been First World Problems. That got me thinking about problems I no longer have, now that I live in Nigeria:

I don't worry about the escalating price of gasoline because I don't have a car anymore.
I also don't worry about finding parking places, or paying for parking.
I don't worry about paying doctor bills to half a dozen doctors because I don't have specialists out here.
I don't worry about finding a place for stuff that doesn't fit inside my home, because I don't have most of my stuff anymore.
I don't worry about 75 degrees feeling too hot to go to sleep.
I don't worry about snow, or getting a good winter coat, or making sure the kids are warm enough. (Though some of our maintenance staff do worry about children being too cold.)
I don't worry about trying to fit in. I stick out like such a sore thumb, there's no hope. (Not that there was ever much hope for me blending in.)

Here are some from tonight's Twitter feed, in case you wanted something slightly more humorous:

The clasp on my string of pearls broke.
Not being able to read because my book ran out of batteries.
My dogs keep sitting in front of my DVR and I'm having a hard time fast forwarding through the commercials.
I was expecting something I bought online to arrive today, but it didn't.
Health issues prevented me from wearing high heels. This is a problem because I own 30+ pairs.

 -- Derrill