Sunday, October 9, 2011

Smiles of a Different Color

When children are little they learn how to smile. Our children have been very different in the way they learned this skill. Prince seemed to be born with the knowledge of smiling. He did not wait for me to smile. He made me smile and laugh. I remember being overwhelmed as new parent and some days Prince was the only one that could make me smile. Infact I think that Derrill sometimes used Prince as a weapon against me when I was down.
Princess is the opposite. She usually waits for us to smile, and is becoming more and more willing to smile. Her favorite time to smile is when she gets her diaper changed. It surprised me so much because Prince hated having his diaper changed. My favorite time that she smiles is in the morning. When I get her in the morning if I will wait and smile at her before picking her up she will smile in anticipation of me getting her out of bed. I miss that smile if I pick her up too soon. I am sure there is a lesson in that for being patient and happiness :)
I love both of their smiles and I am so glad they share them frequently.