Sunday, January 29, 2012

Random memories of other times and places

Oh, magic picture randomizer, remind me of far off places we have gone before in days gone by...

Golf N Stuff, Ventura, CA.

It was raining that Christmas vacation, but who cares? We pulled out some umbrellas, blamed sodden ground on every missed putt, and had a great time. I'm glad we went miniature golfing with Uncle Doug at Trafalga just before we came out here, and took Prince to the pirate golfing outside of Trumansburg just before we left Ithaca.

A hotel room in Denmark for a work conference that contributed to my textbook. This would be my first time in Copenhagen, situated right next to the royal theater. This was the trip I visited the Christus statue.

I wandered a few main streets as well as many byways in Helsinki, Finland, for UNU/WIDER's 25th birthday. In Finland, they say and I agree, everyone is an architect, and the impressive decorations on the outside of everything bear testimony to it.

Ithaca, NY

A stream ran near our home and I would enjoy walking there on a lovely summer's day to clear my head and get some reading done surrounded by greenery.

Salzburg, Austria
The great organ in the Castle. They refer to it as the Salzburg Bull, if I recall correctly. (Google says I do.)

Visiting the drive-through safari zoo near, I believe it was Trieste, Italy.

For some reason, someone decided *I* should be put in charge of 1.5 to 3 year olds for nearly two hours every week. I was terrified of them.

Sitting from here, that's hard to imagine. I loved those nursery days so very much, not to mention those great kids, who are now 5-7. It was magnificent preparation to LOVE being a Dad of teeny ones. It gave me faith, and Joy some hope (for me).

The Santa Barbara Zoo
Pretty polly.

Okay, I know. It's not a polly. This is a Melvin.