Sunday, May 6, 2012

Baby Talent Show - 10.5 months

Hi there. Princess here. I've been working on some new tricks to show family when we head out to the US in just two weeks. I think they'll be very impressed. Want to see a preview?

I can stand all by myself. Sometimes I practice going up and down from a crouch to a stand and back. I'm not walking just yet, but I am so on the verge of it, it's sure to happen while I'm in the States if not before. I especially like standing when I'm holding something, like a book or some clothes. It gives me extra balance and shows how strong I'm getting.

I can also open doors and drawers, even when they have a baby lock on them!

I'm getting much more tolerant of strange people holding me, so family may have a tiny chance of me not screaming for Mama as soon as they hold me. Don't expect miracles.

That also means that at the party last night, I asked for special time with my Daddy. He was proud to show off what a good rider I am. He and I practice my balance at home. He leans to one side or the other, and I climb up or down or around. I have a really good grip, usually on his eyeballs and sometimes inside his ears.

I still like being with Mama best, though.

Today I clapped for the very first time. I clapped and clapped. When Daddy made a Powerpoint video of the Primary song "When I am Baptized," I was so happy to see a picture of Jesus come up that I screeched in delight, then clapped away.

I can climb up onto the couch, the bed, or Mommy and Daddy. I can climb back down off of them too. I grip the sheet or the cushion and swing my legs over the side. I'm usually very good at it, but Mommy and Daddy's bed has an extra foam pad on it that extends a bit beyond the edge of the bed. I misjudged one day this week and fell right off the bed. Ouch! But I keep trying. I'm going to master the couch! Then the only thing stopping me is that Dad won't get me my own car.