Sunday, May 20, 2012


Last week while grading, I found a new computer game -- think Pong with 4-20 balls going at the same time and an updated version of the world's first electronic hit, Popcorn, playing in the background. It got me readdicted to the song and I sought out a good updated version. I haven't found one as good as the video game soundtrack, sadly.

I couldn't wait to share it with Prince again. So one morning I played it for him. Since it looked like he needed some pressure, I also rubbed his face in time with the music. (Lee-de-dee, rub the forehead; dee-dede-dee, rub the nose; dee, rub the chin; repeat). He enjoyed that very much. Sometimes I used my own hand, mostly I held his hands and had him give himself the pressure.

Princess watched in fascination. As soon as Prince and I were done, she put her hands on her forehead to ask for the same game. I played it with her for a moment and she laughed and laughed. I thought nothing of it.

That was more than a week ago. Princess has a regular habit now of staring at me intently, then putting her hands up on the side of her head to ask for Popcorn. I figured out what she meant out of context too and taught Joy to play the game. She regularly asks for it during meals since it's a game she can play while waiting for her food.

This morning, Joy was nursing Princess. Princess stopped eating and then out of the blue Princess hit Joy in the face! Joy recounts:

"I told her no. She did it again. I said, 'No, that hurts. We don't hit Mommy in the face.' And she looks at me and appears to be thinking. And then she said, 'Dad' and put her hands up to her ears. I realized she wanted to play the Popcorn game. I said, 'No. I'm not Daddy. I want soft.' And I touched her face soft. She tried to touch my face soft, and it wasn't soft. So I said No, and then she tried again and it was soft. I said 'Thank you.'"

We are very impressed at her budding communication skills. Her favorite word is "Dad," which is sometimes only "Da" and some rare times "Dada." She says "Yeah" and she tries to say "Jesus" when He is pointed out to her. Oddly enough, she doesn't say "Mama" very often.

She raises both her hands and waves them when she is all done eating. We've tried to teach her the sign language for "More," but most of the time she does that when she doesn't want more. When she knocked away the spoon with some baby cereal on it this morning, I commented it was the 'international sign for Something Else Please' and Joy laughed. She said to make sure I included that in this blog. She knows to fold her hands when we tell her to for prayers and can wave bye-bye most of the time.