Sunday, May 20, 2012

Stuff to get 2012

You can buy more things in Yola than you might guess, but the holes are unusual. I came out here this time last year to get a better feel for what we would be missing, taking pictures throughout the stores. Then after we had lived here a few months, I went back to the US for a conference and filled two more suitcases with things we missed. Now that we're heading back to the US again, we've prepared by updating a list of things we miss and want to bring back with us for the next year. In case it is useful to others thinking of moving to AUN, here is our list of things to buy from the US:

Dating candles - we brought our candlesticks, but can't find candles

Restock our medicines, plus these we forgot or might not think of
     + knee and finger bandages
     + chloroseptic
     + eye wash
     + saline nose drops (Princess)
tupperware (ramen sized)
a year's worth of birthday and Christmas presents
a baby book for Princess; journals for D and Prince
baby wipes - they have some here, but they're terrible quality; very rough and not very wet
diaper changing pad
cloth diapers (back up for when we can't find the larger diaper sizes. We've found sizes 1-3 regularly, but 4-6 are not there as often)
shower curtain rings
sheet music
C&D batteries - we can find AA and AAA.
fingernail clippers
backpacks for Joy and Prince
replacement power cords for all computers and devices

Ranch (dressing/dip) mix
powdered sour cream
chocolate chips
pumpkin canned
chili powder
Pyrex baking dishes
spare 2-cup measuring glass
popcorn salt
2 new vegetable peelers
3 new can openers - both of the ones we brought have broken
Seals for the pressure cooker
hot chocolate
water bottles and lunchbox for Prince
brownie mixes

temple clothing
Hawaiian and Guyabera/Cubavera shirts for D, plus 2 pairs of western slacks.
       Our washing machine has put a hole in no fewer than 8 of my work shirts this year. The tailor-made pants work pretty well, but the more I wear them, the more I notice that these are not machine-made clothes, let's put it that way.
shoes and socks
       You can buy sandals here and there are Italian imports (somewhere), but tennis shoes, hiking boots, and other footwear are missing. Since everyone wears sandals, there's also a dearth of socks.
Christmas PJs for the end of the year
new underwear for Prince and Princess
whole new set of pants for Joy