Sunday, October 21, 2012

Child psychology 1

Joy reports that Prince told his LeapPad today that he wants to be just like me when he grows up. He even recorded himself saying that. That isn't exactly what he told me, though.

Today he told me has a friend called Derrill, but Derrill isn't Daddy. He told me that Derrill loves me and wants to be like me. So every day Prince finds out what I'm wearing and tells Derrill so he can wear the same thing. (Today, Prince and I are both in green.)

Prince is a fascinating little person to study. He is very like his mother in his attention to process and organization.

His favorite story in the children's Book of Mormon stories is still the first one: How We Got the Book of Mormon. Before he could read at all, he could recite the entire story and give a credible first discussion.
His favorite video in the BoM seminary videos is the one where they talk about how the BoM is organized: the teacher uses a magic remote control to take the kids to a cave where giant replicas of the gold plates highlight who wrote the different parts.
Today he paid his Princely Points to rewatch a seminary video from the Doctrine and Covenants ... the one where they give an overview of Church History through 6 time periods. We've already watched it 4 times and he wants to watch it over and over.

They have some wonderful seminary videos with stories and personal experiences likening the scriptures to daily life ... and he gets really bored watching them. What he wants are the organizational videos!

He told me today that Primary is not fun. Singing is not fun. The seminary videos are fun. But when I wrote the names of the songs we were going to sing on pieces of paper, called them fishies, and let him choose the fish we would sing, he now reports Primary was fun. What made it fun? Not that he got to participate more, not that choosing rectangles of paper loosely called fish was a game ... it was that he could see how many fishies there were and so he knew when it would be over and could SEE the Primary structure.