Sunday, October 28, 2012

Reading with Prince

Prince and I just finished reading The Hobbit. Prince's favorite character is Bilbo. His favorite thing is that he gets home again. His favorite adventure is with the Dragon Smaug and how Bilbo could talk his way out of danger. "I also like the very powerful wizard with his cane." Gandalf? "Yeah, Gandalf! When his cane put out thunder, that was a great adventure! And I like how they found their way out of the forest."

Our next book will be Peter Pan. Prince says, "I can't wait to see if they travel or not like Bilbo. He's on a boat, flying in the air."

Before that, we were reading Wind in the Willows, which he interrupted just before the attack to recapture Toad Hall to read Bilbo instead. Before that we read the first two books of the Wizard of Oz and the Velveteen Rabbit. He was not interested in returning to Wind in the Willows.