Sunday, October 28, 2012

Spiders. Hooray!

About a week after we got back we asked our maid to clean the spider webs off of of the ceiling and get rid of the spiders. It seemed like a good idea at the time.
Not long after she very dutifully cleaned up the webs and spiders I was very sorry that she had. We had a large influx of small flying bugs. We had so many in our bathroom that I saw them on every wall from top to bottom of the shower when I showered and it really gave me the creeps.
I started praying for some spiders. In a week or something we got a spider for our bathroom. It showed up and I was so grateful and just as I had hoped  my bathroom is tolerable again. We also got a friendly spider in our bedroom. I have never been so grateful for spiders before in my life. But these spiders feel like Heavenly Father’s protection from the other elements in my home. I really can’t handle spraying very often for bugs because I am allergic to something in the spray. And you just don’t want to spray everyday where there is an endless supply of bugs.

 -- Joy