Sunday, September 1, 2013

Some more summer fun

While Joy and the kids are visiting her sister's family, it seems only appropriate to post this picture of our last visit to them. Here is Princess riding on her cousin. It's so very nice to be near family!

Joy got herself a new toy and decided to test it out in the car by taking the kids' pictures.

I gotta say, her device's camera is a lot better than mine!

I'm not sure why my sweet little Princess decided to be a witch casting a curse, but she sure does a good impersonation when she wants to.

Fun story about these flowers. We were out running a bunch of errands. We sent Joy into the bank to take care of something when I spotted a florist. Both kids had taken off their shoes, so I carried both of them in a trot across the parking lot, had a bouquet made for Joy, then trotted back with two kids and some flowers in my arms. We made it back to the car before Joy came out! Huzzah! When she opened her car door, what to her wondering eyes did appear but a bouquet of flowers. Surprise! We laughed and laughed. I've surprised her with flowers before, but never so thoroughly surprised. One of the things I missed about being in Nigeria was the inability to get Joy flowers regularly. These were the last flowers I got her before we left for CA and then Nigeria for the year.

Here I am gathering the family to read the Book of Mormon together before breakfast.