Friday, September 23, 2016

Honeydew Mazes

Just a bit NW from Johannesburg is the Honeydew Mazes. In Feb-Mar or so their big maze is a corn maze (or a maize maze) and the rest of the year they have a maze based on the five elements (fire, water, air, earth, and thought). It's a reed maze with five gardens, ten quiz/riddles, and a set of hidden toys scattered along its paths.

JT reaches for the clue - smell and guess the spice

Unlike most such mazes, the maze also has guides. We arrived just as they were closing the gates at 2:30 and, partly as a result, the normally helpful guides became exceptionally helpful in encouraging us to find the last pieces of the maze. Oh, we had plenty of opportunity to run around in circles and bump into dead ends, but at the end we had a guided tour. Which is probably about the right mix for a 2-2.5 mile long maze.

Superstar loves mazes of all kinds so being in one was a real treat.

Mind you, I couldn't tell one secret garden from another. They all had a water feature. The more barren one (right) might have been fire, but the quiz for that station was based on sound which ought to be in the air garden, and it also had a water feature.... so I'm still confused. Our new family picture on the right is in that maybe-fire garden, right next to the button you push to hear a big cat roar. (Ah, but which big cat is it?)

Here is an example of the ten puzzles you find on billboards near (some) dead ends. You read a riddle in a mirror; identify pictures of celebrities, dogs, and scenic views; identify the country from clues; and as you can see, hopefully know the difference between yen, remnibi, and won.

 They also have a series of smaller mazes out front to play with: knights-move, hedges where you can only turn at T-intersections, math puzzles, a one-way labyrinth, a giant ring toss, and more.

Oh, and they have geese wandering around.