Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Pros and Cons - going home

We'll be home soon. As in, we fly back this weekend. So we've been looking forward to some things:

Having our own room again. That's big.
Seeing our old friends, and especially the new baby in town
Our normal diet again with food that won't spoil within 48 hours.
Driving in our own car on the right hand side of the road
Get two of the kids in school, one starting for the first time, for some one on one time with JT
The kids haven't mentioned it particularly, but I'm sure they will be delighted to have the Wii-U again and access to all our movies.
We will have our own washer and dryer again - no more hand-washing five people's laundry!

The cut glass here means we get rainbows in our room every morning. Bye-bye rainbows.
We have to clean up after ourselves again
No one is making us breakfast and pre-prepared dinners will be much more expensive again
Leaving our new friends at church:
         Really, we were all gung ho about returning home until Sunday. Then they wished us a fond farewell over the pulpit and the entire Primary sang The Goodbye Song (the Hello song appropriately renamed) to us and ... yeah, we teared up. Bunch of folks invited us back. Great people we're going to miss.