Saturday, September 3, 2016


Part of the fun of staying at a B&B is getting to meet other travelers. For a couple weeks our neighbors were some seldom-seen Mauritians (tiny little island east of Madagascar). Nice people who looked Indian. Some of them reminded our youngest of Hispanic friends from Texas.

Right now our neighbors are Russian and only the dad speaks any English. They are getting a house and so they'll be our neighbors until we leave (halfway point!). Food is less expensive around here* so we've been buying more prepared meals than normal, but they're making full use of the kitchen to prepare multi-layer cakes, use all six stove burners on different veggies, and have other food fun. (The mom gave JT some rice and it was weird seeing how DELIGHTED he was eating plain white rice. Really, kid? We can serve you more rice at home if you like it that much....)

They have a little girl somewhere between Superstar and Princess' age. Superstar and she have really hit it off. They have a great time playing together outside even though they don't say word one. They blow up balloons and then let them spit at each other. I watched them playing and it was a bit surreal, seeing a cute, laughing girl grab Superstar's arm to lead him down a path.

Wuh? Buh? No. I'm not worrying about this yet. I've got years left to worry about this, right? RIGHT?

Then Superstar uses her grip to turn them into a spinning top and he spins away and spends much of the rest of the time dodging her. (Phew. For now.)

* - Seriously! Large pizza from Dominos with toppings for $6 and no delivery charge. Really good chicken pot pies for $1.25. Large quiche for $4. It does a lot to make up for having no shelf life!