Sunday, October 23, 2016

Other things at the Cheetah center: African dogs

Behold: the sausage tree.


Yep. Now you know how they make the sausage. It grows on a tree. The sausage tree is apparently sacred in parts of Africa. The sausage itself is pretty dangerous - toxic ripe and unripe, and they've been known to damage the cars and people they fall on.

This is the cheetah van we drove in.

The rest of  the pictures show African wild dogs. They are endangered.

They hunt in packs and never attack humans.

There's a video on the bottom of some adults and their kids. One of the most fascinating things was their bark - really high pitched yipping.

This is a very old, shaggy dog

Our coming meant lunch time. The parents grab the chickens, wolf it down (wild dog it down?) as fast as possible, then regurgitate for the little ones.