Sunday, October 23, 2016

Other things at the Cheetah center: plants, caracals, and vultures

'Allo, Vera!

Yeah, so their aloe vera plants grow quite a bit taller than the ones back home. They're decoration all over Pretoria - prolific, tall, and colorful.

They also have a serval (didn't get a good shot) and this caracal. Our tour guide stuck bits of food through the gate so we got to see him really up close!

This was my favorite animal at the cheetah center, partly thanks to that look on his face in the lower picture.

The vultures we saw were impressive. The ones at the cheetah center were all injured or unable to fly away, so they made up their breeding stock.

These white Cape vultures fascinated Joy at the Pretoria zoo. They are monogamous and mourn about six years when their spouse dies before choosing another mate. Compared to some animals, that's like half their life.

The Egyptian vultures have a crown of spiky white hair and orange faces. This was one of Joy's favorite animals in all of South Africa

Here are the ugly vultures we're accustomed to from movies, the Lappet-faced vultures.

Some pretty trees. Aww.