Sunday, October 23, 2016

See dee Chee-tahs

We went to the Ann van Dyk Cheetah Center. It's an environmentalist center devoted to breeding and preserving cheetahs, wild dogs, and a few other animals as they happen to gain stocks. Here are some of our favorite cheetah pictures.

The center gives two different kinds of tours. If you have small children (under 6), then you get the family tour. The difference between the family tour from the regular one is that the regular tour goes into the pens with the cheetahs while the family tour stays outside the pens. Why? Because our kids look like a yummy snack!

Princess fell in love with cheetahs. Her new favorite stuffed animal is a cheetah named Pretty.

"It's a baby kitty. I love Pretty. She's my night toy" - which is to say, the one who keeps her safe at night.

The center is next door to a dairy farm. Sometimes the cheetahs get out of their pens and run around among the cattle. They chase a few cows around for a while until the farmer calls the center and asks them to come get the cheetah. They don't eat the cows - too large.