Sunday, December 4, 2011

Baby Fashion Model

Joy and I have discovered the joys of having given birth to a little doll. She's so much fun to dress up! We opted to skip one of Princess' clothing sizes (9 months) and so she's moving up between 6 month and 12 month clothes. At the same time, Joy is going on a camera kick to enjoy all these wonderful dresses that just look so darling on our little one.

 This is a rare shot. She doesn't usually want her binkie, and she doesn't suck her thumb much anymore. We are her pacifier.
We are predicting having a crawler within the month. She is already able to push herself backwards a little.

 A friend has a child who is outgrowing some of their items, so she brought them over for us. We now have a booster chair and a new baby carrier that will let Princess face inwards so Joy can actually get some dishes done without her kicking away from the sink, and this cute little device to let her sit up at the table with us.