Friday, December 30, 2011

The elephant is a palm tree: bounce bounce

(Part 1) What is Nigeria like? Nigeria is better than you'd guess, in part because we've discovered we have to "do without" much less than we thought.

While I was at parent-teacher conference at the end of the semester, Prince's teacher told us about a winter carnival of sorts that gets put on around here every year for the kids. With bouncy castles! Sweet! Prince loved our daddy date to a place with bouncy slides before we came to Nigeria and I had never guessed we'd get a chance to do that here.

Prince got to run around on the slides once all were set up for a couple hours. He had a blast. We told our neighbors about it and they are planning to go every day until it's over. We're hoping to go a second time still.

Unlimited play time for $3. In the US, an hour was $5.