Sunday, December 25, 2011

Cloth diaper datapoint

Some friends of ours are investigating cloth diapers and I thought I'd quickly share our data point below the fold.

We were warned that the disposable diaper supply out here is erratic, especially in the larger sizes. So anytime we find diapers Princess uses or her next size, we stock up (which no doubt contributes to an erratic supply for others - sorry - it also encourages them to buy more of those, though). We bought some cloth diapers for emergencies for her, but haven't used them yet. So for at least 5 months we could keep her in size 2-3 diapers and we have enough size 3 for all her foreseeable needs.

Prince was/is in the process of being potty trained. We told him once we got here, he would be wearing just his underpants. We carried a month or so of Prince's diapers into the country with us to use at night. When they ran out, he moved on to the 5 cloth diapers we brought with us. They have worked exceptionally well for night-time use. If he wets them, we just throw them in the wash and no hassle. When he has the rare serious problem, we make him clean it up and then put it in the washing machine. That doesn't quite eliminate the hassle or the gross out factor, but it's really not bad. The cloth diapers have worked well like that for a couple months now and I'm quite happy, especially at the money and time we're saving not having to search for very large diapers. Prince just wishes they were a little larger, but on the other hand he'd have a hard time fitting his pajamas over them if they were.